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Evening Worship - 6 p.m.

Prayer Meeting - 6:30 p.m.
Worship - 7:00 p.m.

We thank the Lord you took the time to visit our web site. We appreciate every blood-washed one, and hope you will enjoy finding out about who we are, listening to spirit filled singing, Holy Ghost preaching, finding out about our brother and sisters around the world, meeting our young people, and all the other areas we are providing on our web site. Our desire is to see the borders of God’s kingdom advanced, Jesus manifested in all our ways, and precious souls delivered from the bondage of sin. We intend to show our community that we are a church that cares. We want to offer them the same hope, love, long suffering, and compassion, that God has given us, showing them that Christ is truly the answer to all of life's problems. Our family oriented church is truly a family of God, looking for anyway we can to help others in their walk with our Lord, and dedicated to helping them keep Christ first in their lives. Please come join us for worship services, and experience the love of this family, and more importantly the love of God.




Under His Wings

My way was filled with danger, I felt alone

The enemy had singled me out to do me wrong 

And when he drew near, my heart filled with fear

Then I heard someone dear calling me to his side 


And I ran under His wings,

There He covered me and now I can sing
The enemy still looks for me, but what he can’t see
Is that I’m under my Lords wings

Under His wings

Thunder rolled, dark clouds hung low, I was out in a storm

Shivering in the coldness there, no safe retreat from harm

Then there blew strong winds, would this be my end

Then I heard my friend calling me to His side


And I ran under his wings,

There He covered me and now I can sing 
The storm still rages, but in the Rock of Ages

I’m resting warmly, here under My Lords wings

Under His wings

Night time came, the shadows fell, I could not find my way

The terrors of the night took hold, how I yearned for break of day

Then he saw my plight and out in the night

He shined His light and called me to His side


And I ran under His wings,

There he covered me and now I can sing 
And the night’s still there but why should I care

When I’m made aware that I’m under my Lords wings

Under His wings


And there He covers me and now I Can Sing,

Under His wings, Under His wings

Who from His love can sever

Under His wings, my soul shall abide 
Safely abide, forever, Amen