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Mark 16:15  And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

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Haiti Earthquake Update



01-24-09: The death toll has reached 150,000 from the earthquakes.  We need to pray for the saints in Haiti - the people of Haiti without God as well.  I seen a link of how some are using voodoo to deal with the tragity.  May God help them to see their need.

In the States, many are finding ways to give.  However, we also fight a luke warm spirit.  Unfortunatley, this spirit will allow some to look at this devistation and never lift a finger to help.  It will also allow us to give a little from our abundance and feel like we have done our part.  God help us to show more compasion than the world does.  We may not be able to match them dollar wise, but God does require us to do everything we can possibly do.

If you would like to send a donation please send it to the address below:

Bethel Foundation

C/O Lynx Air

P.O. Box 407139

Ft. Lauderdale FL. 33340



Kenya Missionary Update



2009: See this link for a report from Bro Roger Cummings on his trip to Kenya.

Kenya Update 2009

Link to Adobe Reader (free download)



Haiti Missionary Update



December 29, 2008: I received a newsletter with an update on the work in Haiti.  It has been scanned in and posted on the wed site - see link below.  Please pray that God would show each of us how we can help the saints and people in Haiti.

Link to newsletter

Link to Adobe Reader (free download)

Youth Camp - 2008
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Thank the Lord for our youth camp this year. We as a congregation support the youth camp meetings in White pine Tenn. This year we had several from around the US coming to attend. We have been working with the youth for over 10 years now to help them walk closer to God and have a deeper understanding of the scripture. One of the ways that we do this is to take one day of the youth camp meeting to teach on subjects of the bible. We had wonderful success with this, and our youth seem to really gain understanding. We also have a Sister work with the smaller children. This year Sis. Dawn Whitehead worked with them. Needless to say they had a wonderful time while learning more about God’s word. The classes for the older youth consisted of the following subjects:

Problem Solving in the Church:    Taught by Brother Scott Whitehead

The Kingdom of God:                Taught by Brother Mike Nethers

Living free from sin:                   Taught by Brother Preston Sanders

Adornment:                             Taught by Brother Ken Van Buskirk

On the following Sunday morning we gave the youth the opportunity to answer questions presented by the teachers. The ones that answered the questions correctly received a copy of a missionary interactive CD of Haiti or the Philippines. They really did learn allot.


The atmosphere of the meeting was very sobering. The messages were truly on target for our youth. We can’t thank God enough for those who have a burden to see our youth grow. Sis. Leann Nethers was our dorm mother this meeting, and Bro. and Sis. Dunsmere were the head chaperones.


The youth had a wonderful time on Sunday for the organized activities. Thanks to Bro. Tim Swink and others for that.  It is sad to say though they were again defeated in their attempt to conquer the seasoned saints in volleyball. Of course our victory goes to our MVP Bro. Tois Seay host pastor of the meeting. Maybe the youth will win next year, but only if they practice.


A special thanks to Bro. and Sis. Seay and the congregation at White Pines. Without them having a burden the meeting would not be possible.




Haiti Missionary Update



Update: Bro Nathan has been able to return to Haiti.  Praise the Lord for working this out.  This summer has been very hard - 4 hurricanes have hit the island, leaving the bad conditions that already existed even worse.  Please pray for the works in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and for the brethren who are working with the people there. 

Bro Nathan Dieudonne oversees all of the congregations in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  He is very active in the community as well, and a United States citizen (although he was born and raised in Haiti).  Since Bro Nathan is well know and has contacts world wide, he was a high profile to be kidnapped in Haiti, where poverty and crime are very common.  There was a ransom note delivered, and Bro Nathan was held captive for 5 days.  His captors burnt Bro Nathans face with cigarettes and mistreated him, but all the while he tried to tell them about Jesus Christ.

Bro Nathan's wife is also a U.S. citizen - and was employed by the U.S. government.  The FBI got involved in the case, and the criminals realized they took on more than they realized.  God protected Bro Nathan's life and he is now back with his family.

Our congregation was blessed to have Bro Nathan visit us to preach and give his testimony.  Please pray for the work of God in Haiti.


  Bro Nathan Dieudonne


Note:  You can search the internet for "Nathan Dieudonne kidnap" and read some of the news stories about Bro Nathan's kidnapping.  Our congregation does not endorse content from these sites.



Philippine Missionary Update
The political and social environment in the Philippines can sometimes limit Bro Jesus (pronounced Hey-sus) from traveling to the many congregations he oversees.  At times, he has had to cancel all of his church activities because of political unrest.  In spite of these circumstances, he remains committed to the work of God and to preaching truth.  Please pray for him and the Saints in the Philippines.

The following is an email from Bro Jesus dated in August of 2008.

Dear Bro. Mike & Saints. :

Warm love and Christian greetings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord Who walketh in the midst of the candlestick. Praise the Lord! We are trusting that this email finds you in good health both body and in soul prospering in the things of God.

The month of labour for God has swiftly passed away leaving us behind the comforting results that we have done for God, which encouraged us to look forward for a greater and better accomplishment for the Lord. Jesus said; “I must work the work of him that sent me, while it is day; night cometh, when no man can work” (John 9: 4). For two weeks now after our victorious revival meetings in the city of Manila, the weather was very rough with a continuous raining and we had experienced three consecutive typhoons that caused flooding, electrical blackout, cutting telephone communications, damaged of the farmer’s crops, washing out of roads and bridges, suspension of different schools, colleges and Universities, and many other untoward results. These certainly indicate an added trouble and suffering for our people.

However, despite of this calamity that we are encountering, we the church of God people are actively doing the best we can to help and comfort our people. As of this moment of time, there are sixteen percent of our Filipino people are starving to death due to shortage of foods, continuous increase of prices of every commodity (every day), and a swift decrease of farm productivity, a continuous closure of different factories, and as a result, there is a great number of unemployment waging street parliament, increase of different street criminalities and many untoward incidents. Yet despite of all these, we are fully determined to face the battle for Christ till the victory is completely won. We surely appreciate if you could continue to remember us in your prayer list.

Our revival meetings two weeks ago were very encouraging, inspiring and a great blessing to us all. The messenger of God’s Word preached the Word without fear and favour of man, filled with power and authority with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Knowing however that the very venue of the revival meeting was located in the middle of the wicked, big city of Manila, yet we find a true church of God messengers fighting, crying, and preaching against sin and admonishing the people to live a life of holiness and victoriously free from sin. Glory to God!

 During our revival meetings, it was raining so hard throughout the meeting yet the people did not care as if it is but a common thing. In fact, every night the meeting was attended with big crowed of visitors come from different direction just o hear the Word of God. There was great rejoicing among the people of God praising God shouting Amen, Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, Glory to God, etc., and the singing were heavenly that helped lead the sinners to realize their sinful conditions. Every after the preaching of God’s Word, the altar was crowned with precious, penitent souls crying and weeping, asking God to forgive their sinful condition and God did never fail. At the end of the meeting many expressed their desire for baptism but due to rough weather condition, we suspended the baptism and agreed to do it after the weather settled down. The saints were greatly blessed, edified, and encouraged to continue to face squarely the battle for Christ, while many lukewarm and backsliders were restored back to Christ. We want to give God all the glory, praises and thanksgiving for what He hath done for us.

Since we are continually visited by strong typhoon this past month and even yet this month of August, my wife and I are prayerfully considering of visiting the on-going church building construction in the province of Isabela to encourage and comfort the saints in that area for they are in great depression due to the damage of crops that was brought about by the recent typhoon. Actually again, while writing this letter to you, the province of Isabela where many of our congregations are located is presently experiencing strong typhoon and we are fearful of the damages it may bring to those places. Please continue to include us in your prayer list as we are fully determined to accomplish His will and that none among the church people shall be discouraged as a result of this calamity. Nevertheless, the distance from the city of Manila to the province of Isabela is about thirteen hours driving yet Metro Manila still fells the affect of the typhoon in the northern parts of the Philippines. However, we are doing the best we can to counsel our people to remain true and faithful to God despite of all these fortuitous events.

Thank you most sincerely for your endless love, continuous prayerful support, sacrificial efforts, deep burden, concern, interest, faithfulness and your fraternal participation and involvement in the task we are doing for the Lord in this side of eternity.  May this simple rugged word of gratitude serve to reveal our warm love and best wishes to you all. Again, we say a “Big Thank You” for everything. May God reward you abundantly and openly is our sincere prayers for you.

May God richly bless all your efforts for Him. Again, we assure you of our sincere love and prayers for you all.

In His great love,

Bro. J. E. Granil

granil family.jpg
Here we pose with the Granil family, who took very good care of us.  Bro and Sis Granil have six children.  Front left... Sis Joy, Bro Jesus, Sis Marylin, and Bro Billy.  Rear left... Bro Ken, Sis Ruth, Bro Alpha, Sis Grace, Sis Jeslyne , and Bro Mike.

  Work Day at White Pine Campgrounds - Aug 2, 2008
Several brethren left out early in the morning to help Bro. Seay and the congregation in White Pine work on the grounds.  Although their vehicle was overheating, they pressed on and were able to work and return home safely  - thank the Lord for this.  There is much work to do on the new sanctuary, and some of the rooms need air conditioners installed.
Click here for pictures

  COMING SOON .... Sample version of interactive CD's from the trips to Haiti and the Philippines.  These CD's will be sold to help raise money for the needs in the foreign missions.